“ Website Design, SEO, SEM, PPC, Photography, Marketing - We are here to help you make an Impact!”
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About Us
As with any successful business, it begins with genuine love and core passion for something. Our two principles Cynthia and Leah worked together on many projects for various types of companies for years before coming together to form Impact Design Services. Impact Design Services started with a focus on building and Search Engine Optimizing (SEO'ing) Equestrian websites. Since then Impact Design Services has grown into a company that provides a full suite of Marketing Services and Web Design Sevices for all types of companies.

Cynthia's background is in marketing and sales. She has 20 plus years in the field working for and receiving training from Fortune 100 companies. Through her career, she has developed the skill of understanding a customer's needs and the value proposition that a company's products or services offer. She then takes those key points and matches them to create a winning business strategy. Cynthia is an expert in branding, copy writing, Amazon eCommerce, social media, PPC (Pay Per Click), and eCommerce websites. She also is a fantastic photographer, specializing in studio product photography, lifestyle photography, and on-location photo shoots. She is exceptionally skilled at using the Adobe Suite of products which allow images and marketing material to come to life and resonate with a company's audience. On a personal note, Cynthia is also an equestrian enthusiast. She is a mother of two, pet lover, and owns a horse with a fancy name, Leah nicknamed him Toyota.

Leah’s background is in SEO, Internet Marketing and web design. She has been in the field for close to 14 years. Leah is also an expert with Wordpress, eCommerce, and copy writing. When Leah is not building client websites and strategizing about how to gain website ranking; she is either reading about new SEO techniques or playing with speed techniques on her test website. She has a cool cat that is always finding new ways to make you smile.

All joking aside, our goals are to build clients a beautiful website that works exceptionally well by ranking for keywords in the major search engines. We help clients target the right audience and deliver a consistent brand image. We then help our clients take their website visitors and convert them into customers. We use a variety of supporting practices such as PPC, Social Media, blogging, photography, and more to increase your Internet presence.

We look forward to making your website into the 24/7 sales machine it should be.


“Website Design, SEO, SEM, PPC, Photography, Marketing - We are here to help you make an Impact!”
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